symbol mangling (compiler)

in the past year (2010), I'm working for a "action script" like language compiler.
Integrate with LLVM and ANTLR3, It's really easy to come out a "worked and lots of buggies" compiler. My target code is not just execute on a hardware, and it's not designed for general purpose. According to above situation, design a GOOD enough environment to verify my works.

1. there's no entry point for these program. (main function). I need to design another way to invoke my function. Either integrate with "C/C++" or just using cheat mangling to create a main function.
2. Because our platform target is very specially, the function signatures are different between language level and "llvm bitcode" level. (for other purpose, will append function parameter and change parameter types). If I want to using C/C++ to call my llvm bitcode, I need to get correct script name mangling and invoke function with correct parameters.

........mmmmm just mumbling. After read NameMangling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_mangling#Complex_example .

I think i need to change my old/stupid mangling design.